This is our story

Surely, there is a better way.

There was a time when we had to service our cars before going to the office and pick it up again after work. On top of that, we still had to find a workshop that we could trust.

We asked ourselves a simple question that would later become our mission: Why is it so hard to service a car in the era of instant-everything.

Surely, there is a better way.

And that's how Repairy was born. We created an affordable hassle free car service/repair experience so that everyone can skip the workshop altogether.

Johan Syah and Qivin Tang - Founders at Repairy.

Our impact

We believe we can all make a difference

Everyone has their own way to make a difference. Ours is pretty simple, we like putting others ahead of us. Here's how:

Trusted partners.

We find capable and trusted workshop partners. We screen and do a background check before we send your car to them. This is important!

Fair pricing.

We advocate on your behalf for a fair price. A fair price also means, we take care of our workshop partners too.

World-class service.

Best service doesn't mean only picking up and dropping off cars. But it also includes a complimentary car-wash, insurance, responsive communication, and even a bottle of water.

Our values

Helping people's lives, one car at a time.

This is a sincere expression of how we view our role in customers' life. We take it seriously to the core of our heart. We are here not to make ourselves great, but to help car owners' life, and we strive to do it well. So every single repairy's driver and workshop partner must have these values.


Owner's Grit

The commitment to get things done the right way even if it's hard. We never settle for anything less.



It is something that you can't buy these days. We take transparency to the level that we'll tell you everything.


Customers' Experience First

We understand that it's not about us, but about you. So your experience comes first.


Playful Spirit

The willingness to approach life with optimism, energy and joy in all circumstances.

Whether it's just  a service or repair, we’ve got you covered.


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