Top 5 Most Google'd car care topics of 2019 in Australia

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As we are approaching the holiday seasons, the team at Repairy cannot help but wonder: what were Australia’s most Googled car-related search terms in 2019?

Repairy analyzed Google Trends to find out what Aussie drivers’ most popular car-related search terms were in 2019, as well as to provide you with the most relevant and helpful answers to those questions..


Search: car sales near me

Repairy says: In the age of digital consumerism, online shopping isn’t limited to just clothes or technology products anymore. While many websites such as Carsales has many offerings that simplifies your car purchasing journey, Repairy also has a few tips to help you make that important decision.

1. Get a carfacts report. A car history report provides you with important facts about the previous owner’s driving history, such as if there is outstanding finance owing, if there is an odometer discrepancy, and/or if the car had been recorded as a write off before in accidents.

2. Get a closer look at the paint job. If the car is older, the seller might try to cover up rust and scratches with a fresh paint job, so check underneath the car and along the bumpers.

3. Look closely for evidence of major body work. This applies especially when you are looking to purchase a modified car or a car that has been in accidents according to carfacts report. Check the car door panels to see if it aligns neatly with the car’s side panels and bumpers.

4. Take the car out for an extended test drive. Insist on this. If the owner or the dealership is refusing your request, they might be trying to hide something that is detrimental to you. Take the car to the freeway as well as around the city, you do not want to be spending your hard-earn money on a car that is not right for you.

5. A pre-purchase inspection is necessary. Mechanics will check out the front suspension, drive train, leaks, brakes and tyre wear and other important pre-purchase inspection points. If there are any faults, ask the mechanic to generate a price estimate for the repair, and see if the seller is willing to deduct the appropriate repair cost from the sale price.


Search: My car won’t start

Repairy says: There are many factors that affects how your vehicle starts up, and we will be listing a few likely causes.

1. Dead battery. Have you ever shut off the ignition but accidentally left the headlight on? You can diagnose a dead battery by putting the key into the ignition and turning it. If nothing happens or if you hear a click then silence, then you got yourself a dead battery situation. You can either get your car jumped with a jumper cable, or call roadside assistance such as RACV.

2. Bad ignition switch. This can be commonly mistaken for a dead battery (nothing happens when you turn the key), but you are still able to operate your car radio, lights and such. In this situation, your battery is most likely operational, but you will be needing an appointment for an ignition system diagnosis.

3. Clogged fuel filter. A clogged fuel filter will cause random engine misfiring, lack of engine power, and engine stalling under strain. If the engine cranks but does not start, or if the engine takes too long to start, your fuel filter is likely to be partially blocked. Check your vehicle’s maintenance schedule to see how often you should be replacing the fuel filter, and have it replaced.

4. Bad spark plugs. Bad spark plugs affects your car in more ways than you think, the symptoms include engine misfires, engine surges, high fuel consumption, and yes, trouble starting the car. If the car engine cranks to try and start but won’t turn fire, look into getting spark plug replacements!

5. Fuel injection system needs servicing. If your car starts but immediately dies off, then you might want to look into servicing your fuel injection system or replacing your fuel injectors.


Search: What do the lights on my dashboard mean?

Repairy says: You can check your car owner’s manual for more information. Flashing lights usually indicates that the issue is more urgent than solid lights. The generic ‘Check Engine’ light can pertain to matters as simple as a loose gas cap, or leaving your parking brake on. If the battery light is on, find a service centre ASAP before the battery runs flat. Whatever it is, do not ignore any check engine lights. Give Repairy a call and we will help you sort out the rest.


Search: How often should I service my car?

Repairy says: Your vehicle’s maintenance schedule depends on the year, make, model and trim. Look at a maintenance schedule to determine the mileage interval for vital maintenance events such as oil change, air and fuel filter and et cetera. Generally, an older car needs more attention (and more often) than newer cars, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look after your new vehicle. Here is a rough guideline, to get a more accurate schedule, look up ‘year – make – model – maintenance schedule’ (e.g. 2016 VW Golf Maintenance Schedule), or you can contact Repairy and let us sort your servicing out for you!


Search: Find a mechanic near me

Repairy says: Hey, let us take care of your car for you! We know cars and we care about you. Getting your car service may never be fun, but at least it can be stress-free and easy. When you need us, just jump on our website, tell us how we can help you (e.g. basic service or car repair), enter your car details (make, model and your rego number), and your personal details (including your prefered pickup address), we will send you a quote, and we will take it from there!

Need your vehicle serviced or repaired? Repairy is the way to do it. We will pick up your car, have it serviced at one of our trusted workshop partners and get the car back to you in no time! Have a question about Repairy? Send us an email at


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No time

to service/repair your car?

Hey, we are Repairy. We are determined to give you and your car a service like never before.