How To Wash Your Car Best

Jan 31, 2019 | Tips

Dread washing your car? Knowing where to start or the best way to start the cleaning process can really help to make this chore a breeze. We’ve put together some tips that can help you get that spotless shine with ease.

Be cautious when using cleaning products.

Only use products that have been specially designed for car cleaning. Using other chemical substances might end up harming your car.

You must start by rinsing your car thoroughly with plenty of water.

Removing all the excessive dirt and debris from the car will help you to eliminate any risk of scratches.

It is important to wash your car once in a week or so.

Don’t prolong the washing process. This might deteriorate the colour and appearance of your car.

Throw out those rags and dried out hard towels.

Use soft sponges or sheepskin mitts for cleaning the surface of your car. These materials have been proven to offer gentle washing properties and avoid scratches.

Resist that temptation to use only one bucket of water.

As much as we’d love to save water, using the same bucket of water will only reverse your cleaning efforts by pouring all the dirt back on your car. Prepare two separate buckets instead — one for the clean water and the other one for rinsing off the sponge.

Avoid washing your car under direct sunlight.

Melbourne’s summers can get pretty toasty. Washing your car under direct sunlight can mess with the paint job of your car. Try to wash the car somewhere with a shade.

To finish off the cleaning process.

It is very important to wipe off all of the excessive water from the car surface. Use a microfiber towel to maintain the colour of your car and reduce scratches. This will help you to avoid having watermarks all over your car.

With a few simple yet effective tips, you can wash your car and enjoy a wonderful shine that lasts. Do not settle for anything less than a spotlessly clean car powered by your own hands.


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No time

to service/repair your car?

Hey, we are Repairy. We are determined to give you and your car a service like never before.