5 Melbourne Road Trip places that you may not know about

Sep 30, 2019 | Lifestyle

Winter is coming to an end in our city, and that means spring road tripping season is just around the corner! From the St Kilda/Brighton beach trips to the all-day hiking trip to Wilsons Promonotory, we all have our favourite spots to visit. Here are 5 of our more hidden spots that you can visit all year around!

1. Port Fairy

A beautiful little fishing village located at the end of the Great Ocean Road, Port Fairy is one of the busiest fishing ports in Victoria. By this seaside town, you can find many charming architectures, including nineteenth century cottages and old stone churches, as well as many local boutiques.

Port Fairy offers a variety of different activities all year round for individuals and family alike. In summer months, you can take a guided fishing trip out to the ocean, sign up for a surfing class with your kids or play a round of golf at the famous Links Golf Course. During summer months, you can catch a glimpse of the majestic southern right whales off the coast of Port Fairy, as they come out to mate and calve.

Held each year in March, the Port Fairy Folk Festival is one of Australia’s largest music festival, and is a must for all music enthusiasts! Visit one of the many local restaurants for an the authentic fish & chips experience, or stop by the slew of arts and crafts shops around town, this is a town that is well worth a visit!

How far? 385km via the Great Ocean Road.

2. Bright

Bright, Victoria

How much do you like biking, hiking, kayaking and dining? If the answer is a lot, then this town at the bottom of the Victorian Alps is the place to be! Bright offers a vast range of outdoor adventure options for the thrill-seekers, including horse-riding, skiing and snowboarding, dirt biking, paragliding, rock-climbing and kayaking.

Alpine National Park and Mount Buffalo National Park is two of the largest national parks in Victoria, and offers magnificant views to those brave enough to conquer it. The parks are home to more than 1000+ species of native plants, as well as many species of native birds, making Bright an excellent place to bird watch.

Bright is home to some of the best eateries and wineries in Victorian region. A Taste of Wine Tour provides a special experience catered for small groups (up to 12 persons), while Feathertop Winery offers a more traiditonal winery experience with a stunning view overlooking Mt Buffalo. If wine is not your choice of drink, you can visit the many breweries and distilleries around the town. Some of the best includes Bright Brewery and Reed & Co Distillery.

How far? 322km via the Hume Freeway and Snow Road.

3. French Island National Park


Accessible only by passenger ferry, French Island National Park is a secret paradise off the coast of Stony point (check Western Port Ferry for more details). This national park is relatively unknown, making it a peaceful haven for campers and nature lovers, we are just here to spoil the secrets!

Wading birds can be found all over the unspoiled bushlands and beaches on the Island, where visitors can take wonderful walks and bike rides starting at Tankerton Foreshore Reserve. The walks range from half a day, to one day, to shorter walks, so pick one that you are comfortable with. If overnight camping is what you are after, the Fairhaven Campsite is located on the Island’s west coast foreshore, and is a picturesque overnight camping spot for the group, you do need to book your stay however it is entirely free.

Make sure to bring your own supplies (food, drinking waters, toiletries etc.,) when visiting.

How far? 81km via the M1.

4. Big Drift (Wilsons Prom)


Only two and half hours from Melbourne, The Prom is a magical world of rainforests, granite mountains and spectacular beaches. Within the Prom is the Big Drift, an extensive series of inland sand dunes. Big Drift is well-known for the vast emptiness of beautiful desert-like landscape, so come here for some epic photos during the summer afternoon golden hour!

Parking can be found at the Stockyard Campsite, near the Prom entrance.

Be careful if you do go on a windy day, and make sure you mark your way around the sand dunes, as it is easy to get lost in the Big Drift. The verticle climb up to Big Drift is also not an easy one, you should wear appropriate shoe wear that you don’t mind getting dirty.

How far? 252km via the M8 and National Highway A8.

5. Lakes Entrance


Described as the ‘largest inland network of waterways’, Lakes Entrance is a truly stunning place to visit. Located in Gippsland East, this coastal town is bustling all year around.

Visiting prestine beautiful white sand beaches (such as Lake Tyers beach and Lakes Entrance Eastern Beach) and kayaking around the network of lakes are two of the must-do activities in Lake Entrance. If you prefer a more luxurious getaway experience, Peels Cruises and Lonsdale Eco Cruises will take you out into the vast bodies of water to see penguins, seals and other marine wildlifes. Lakes Entrance Helicopters is an

other great way to explore Lakes Entrance if you are not on a budget.

We recommend staying overnight in Lakes Entrance if you are travelling from Melbourne city, as it is not a short trip, and we believe that Lakes Entrance is well worth your stay!

How far? 317km via the Princess Highway.

Conclusion – There are many fantastic road trip destinations all around Melbourne and Victoria, we recommend Port Fairy, Bright, French Island National Park, the Big Drift and Lakes Entrance as 5 of the top destionations that are not so well-known yet is worth you driving out to!

What is your favourite road trip destinations in Melbourne? Tell us about them!


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