Maintenance tips on extending the average life expectancy of your car

Sep 18, 2019

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Unless you’re an expert on cars, there are some unusual things that we don’t realise is damaging our vehicles. Repairy has put together four of these unexpected things to avoid to lengthen the lifespan of your car.

Heavy Keychain – A Surprising Burden

If you’re one of those lucky ones that have a keyless ignition system, you could skip this tip. Believe it or not, heavy key chains can impact your car and reduces its lifespan. If you sound like a walking change dispenser, you may want to reconsider on lightening the load. As you travel around in your car, your keys are swaying and bouncing around as you drive. The result of all unnecessary motion? Loosening of the tumblers that are the “key” which makes your car kick to life. If you ever experience trouble turning your key in the ignition, this is an indication that the end is near and you should start unloading some weight.

Treat Your Petrol Tank Right

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The standard rule of thumb is to avoid pumping petrol at that station if you see a big tanker parked there.  It’s a common known fact that when a fuel tanker is unloading the new gas in with the old gas, it can result in the circulation of all sorts of muck and sediment that is in the underground tank of that petrol station. The last thing that you want to do is to pump petrol at that time. If you frequent that station, it might be a good idea to note when the tanker comes in and avoid that time.

Fix Your Windshield Rock Chips ASAP

A rock chip is something seemingly insignificant that a lot of people disregard.  For the most part, it might not cause a problem. However, it’s also capable of growing to become a spider web crack that would render your entire windshield unusable. This is when you would have to replace it as a whole and could cost you hundreds. While it’s small, you can easily get it fixed quickly and simply, and it doesn’t cost nearly as much as it would replace your entire windshield. You can even do it yourself with a windshield repair kit that you can find online or any auto store or take it to a professional to have it done.   We want to make your car repair process less stressful, and much more trustworthy, by eliminating that impending “am I being ripped-off?” feeling.

How You Drive Matters

Full throttling not only makes you look like a maniac, but it’s terrible for your car too.  Significant acceleration and braking take a toll on your entire vehicle by increasing the stress and strain on the components, which wears them out faster. Take your time when driving, and you would get to your destination eventually.

Need your vehicle serviced or repaired? Repairy is the way to do it. We will pick up your car, have it serviced at one of our trusted workshop partners and get the car back to you in no time! Have a question about Repairy? Send us an email at


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to service/repair your car?

Hey, we are Repairy. We are determined to give you and your car a service like never before.

About Repairy

Repairy is an airbnb/uber for car service. We help people to get their car serviced without having to go to workshop.

We pick the car, get it serviced, we wash the car, and bring it back within the same day. In between, car owners can track the status of the car through our text messages update.

Repairy partner with workshops accross Melbourne and advocating on your behalf, so you can get the best quality of service at a competitive price.

At Repairy, we believe that taking care of your car should be an easy and stress-free experience.


No time

to service/repair your car?

Hey, we are Repairy. We are determined to give you and your car a service like never before.