Roadworthy – What does your mechanics look for when performing a Car Inspection?

Oct 10, 2019 | Tips


Owning a car can certainly help improve your quality of life, however it does come with it’s own set of headaches. On top of the already expensive yearly vehicle registration cost, VicRoads requires you to have a Roadworthy certificate. While nobody likes additional fees and certificates, this isn’t just another hoop to jump through, it is intended to be a way for VicRoads to ensure that your car is safe and fit to be on the road.

While most car owners will leave this vehicle inspection process to their mechanics, the Repairy team believes in educating our customers to be smart and knowledgeable consumers, so read on!

Here is what mechanics are required to look at, and verify there aren’t problems with – during a car inspection:


  • Windshield – 

    Don’t be the person to fail your roadworthy inspection because you didn’t notice that small crack on your windshield! Windshield cracks, chips and loose seals are considered safety hazards, so before you go for your Roadworthy inspection, make sure you won’t be wasting time failing by fixing your windshield ahead of time.

  • Condition of your tyres – 

    Tread_Wear_Indicators A set of fresh tyres can last you anywhere from 2 to 4 years depending on how often you drive and how you are driving. While tyres isn’t something we car owners want to spend money on replacing, new tyres can be the difference between braking safely or crashing. Before you head to the inspection, check your tyres’ wear indicator bar (refer to the photo above) to see if your tyre tread has worn down to that point or further. Replace if necessary, make sure your tyres are of the same size and style, and remember to pump your tyre to the right PSI!

  • Lights – 

    Think back to your first driving test, do you remember what the examiner asked you to do even before starting the car? To check if the headlights, turning indicators and such are in working order. So yes, not just your car headlights that we are talking about, it is also your brake light, your high beam, your emergency flashers, your turning indicators et cetera.

  • Condition of your brakes – 

    In emergency situations where sudden braking is required, a worn-down brake can result in a visit to the mechanics. Brakes is one of the most important safety features on any vehicle, and as such you will fail your roadworthy inspection if the condition of your brake is less than optimal.  To avoid a second trip back to the inspection shop, have them checked out ahead of time and have the brake pad replaced if required. This also includes your emergency (or parking) brake! During the inspection, the mechanic will enable your emergency place and put the car in gear to see if the car stays in place.

  • Steerling and alignment – 

    While minor alignment issues may be overlooked, serious car wheel alignment issues will fail your roadworthy inspection immediately, and it is an issue that not a lot of car owners take notes of. The mechanic will inspect all components of your car’s steering system to make sure nothing is loose or failing, it is an important aspect of car safety nevertheless.

  • Seat belt – 

    A few simple rules of thumb to follow when it comes to seat belt inspection: your car’s seat belt is easy to access, in good shape, and in working order. So before your inspection, make sure you check the driver’s seat belts as well as the passenger seat belts.

  • Fluid leaks and fluid levels – 

    Fluid leaks not only guarantees a failed inspection, it also poses a road safety hazards to you and every other driver on the road. Much like the condition of your tyres and brakes, fluid leaks must be taken care of immediately when you diagnose the problem. Fluid levels such as engine oil levels and engine coolant levels is another important aspect of your car safety and should be checked regularly.


Summary – 

Roadworthy inspections are there to make sure our cars does not fall apart as we are driving down the road, putting not only ourselves but others around us in danger. So take your inspection and the condition of your car seriously and understand what mechanic inspectors are looking for in an inspection: windshields, condition of your tyres, lights, condition of your brakes, steering and alignment issues, seat belt and fluid levels/leaks.


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No time

to service/repair your car?

Hey, we are Repairy. We are determined to give you and your car a service like never before.