Ask This, Not That - Questions You Should and Shouldn't Ask Your Mechanic


Not everyone went to TAFE to spend a few years getting down and dirty just to learn how to replace a few broken spark plugs, that is why Repairy exist to do these things for you. This means that, you are most likely not an ‘expert’ in the area of automotive services, and when you are at the mechanic shop, you most likely do not know what the right things are to ask your mechanic.

Asking the right questions can help to communicate to the mechanic that you are a knowledgeable individual who are deserving of their best, thus ensuring the best possible quality of service. Asking the right questions can also yield insightful responses from the mechanic that can help you improve your knowledge and become a better car owner.

Repairy team is here to educate you on this particular topic: the dos and don’ts to asking your mechanic questions.

  • Do – What are my repair options?

    When you take your vehicle to a shop for repair or a specific issue, chances are, there are more than one solution to your problem, and you won’t know until you ask. If a mechanic senses that you are not knowledgeable, he/she might push you into one route of solution without telling you the other available options.

    Be clear in your communication that you are open to learning about other solution options and demonstrate that you are an educated customer who is willing to listen to make informed decisions. If they are unwilling to explain the problem and all possible solutions, maybe they shouldn’t be repairing your car.

  • Do – Can I see the old parts?

    Anytime a mechanic lets you know that a part replacement is required, do ask this question: can I see the old parts? A glimpse of the defective component can help you understand why the new part is needed, it also helps the mechanic to keep the repair process as transparent as possible.

  • Do – Are the parts or service covered by warranty? 

    Warranties exist for a reason, to protect your rights as a consumer and to make sure you get back in return what you pay for. In a situation where a recent service/repair did not actually fix the problems, warranty can be your saving grace. 

    While some mechanic shops will put a guarantee for up to 12 months or 20,000kms, you can’t always assume that this is the case always. Find out a shop’s warranty policy, as policies can vary from each service professional to the other, as well as one automotive parts to the other, and you could be saving yourself time and money. For example, Repairy works with CGU Insurance to provide you with warranty.

  • Don’t – Can I buy my own part?

    Mechanics are here to help your life go right. When your mechanic needs a part of your car replaced, they will be ordering these particular parts from an auto part supplier whom they have a long standing relationship with. This supplier will then deliver the right parts to the mechanic in a timely fashion at a fair industry rate, and sometimes, a higher quality part for the same price. 

    Unless you’re a mechanic yourself, asking to buy your own parts communicates to your mechanic a message of distrust. Sourcing your own parts also presents a liability issue to your mechanic: if a mechanic installs your parts and that part fails and causes an accident, they could be held legally responsible.

  • Don’t – Can you tell me everything that’s wrong with my car?

    Or, ‘Just do whatever you need’. Don’t open that can of worms, unless you are willing to pay for unnecessary and costly repairs! 

    Your mechanic should be looking out for your best interest, however in the case that they are after personal financial gains, upsell of parts or unnecessary replacement parts might stack your bills when you pick up the car. For example, the mechanic might decide to sell you new tyres rather than plugging a puncture, or replace the whole set of spark plugs instead of just a single plug. 

    You can avoid this by asking one mechanic to give you a quote based on the list of priorities, then going to another mechanic for a second opinion and quote.

  • Don’t – Why can’t you do this at ___ shop’s price?

    When you need a surgery, do you go to the cheapest surgeon, or do you go to the surgeon with the best reputation, who is reliable, trustworthy and educated? Same is true with automotive servicing and repair.                                  

    The truth is that, you get what you pay for. Cheapest option is not the best option, it is often the cheapest for a reason. A more complex mechanic work such as transmission repair can only be performed by an experienced mechanic who has years of experience under his belt. Remember, a mechanic has the right to set their labour rates based on their certification, ability and experience.

    Consider this also: just because a mechanic charge less per hour does not mean the end cost if cheaper. An experienced mechanic can fix a problem in half of the time it takes a lesser skilled technician.

  • Don’t – Do you think this ___ is the problem?

    You’re not doing your technician a favour by trying to do their job for them. After all, you spent your hard-earned money hiring the experts, so let the experts handle your vehicle for you.

    Repairy believes that an educated customer is the best kind of customer, so we encourage you to Google (or AutoMD) your car’s symptoms before you take it to your mechanic (so you have an idea of how much the repair might cost/ how long it might take), but it is best to leave the diagnosing to your mechanic and trust them to take care of you.

Summary – 

Do ask “what are my repair options?”

Do ask “can I see the old parts?”

Do ask “are the parts or service covered by warranty?”


Don’t ask “can I buy my own parts?”

Don’t ask “can you tell me everything that’s wrong with my car?”

Don’t ask “why can’t you do this at competitor shops’ price?”

Don’t ask “do you think this ___ is the problem?”



Let us ask the questions for you, because we know cars! 

Whether your vehicle in need of a routine service or a more challenging repair, we are here to be your hand and feet in times of need. Plus, you and your car is covered by our insurance, we work with CGU Insurance to keep your car insured for up to $1,000,000, so you can just do you!

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to service/repair your car?

Hey, we are Repairy. We are determined to give you and your car a service like never before.